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Highway to join Effect

Post   on Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:07 pm

Hello fellas! This thread is the first step for you.
It would be nice if you find your own words and to have your own reasons why u want to join Effect, but in case you have a bad day or you simply don't know what's important in an application... Maybe it's helpful for you.

Effect is since almost 1 year an elite club. We will consider every application, sentence or word in our private zone.
After we noticed your application it'll be immediately discussed. You can't see this zone of our forum because it's private and only accessible for Effect member. Be patient and you will get an answer as soon as possible. Remember that the application is the mirror image of your personality, convince us with the best attitude. It depends on several points if u'll be a close candidat to join us or if we have to test you.

Your request must be written in Join-Us-Zone. We are an international club so please use our official board-language english.
Every application deserves an own thread, so feel free to create your own and take it as a stage. Your stage to convince us.

Your application should be based out of 2 major points. 1.) Infos about Fantasy Tennis/You as player and 2.) You as person.
How your application should look like isn't important. You can use this format:

- Name: Charles
- Age: I'm 20 years old
- Hobbys: Binge drinking

... etc, or this format:

Hi, my name is Charles. My friends call me Charlene because I'm looking female. Soon I'll celebrate my 21. birthday, in my country I'm able then to get voted as our next coming President. Wouldn't it be great to have a binge drinking president? I think I'm closer to the youth then.

... and so on. I expect better words than mine Wink

About the application:

1.) Fantasy Tennis:

  • Even if it's often very clear (For example if you are registered in forum with the name as you have ingame) it's better if you tell us who u are ingame. A friendly service would be also if you help us to get a view about your past in Fantasy Tennis -> In which Clubs u were, what's your other (main-) charas. It's not necessary, User-Search ftw, but it's easier to get in common with you better.

  • Currently there's no level limit in Effect. But for sure we don't want your 17th lvl 3 LunLun. If you decided to send us an application you must do it with your mainchara. Mainchara means also main-account ^^' So let's avoid discussions and choose your best possible character.

  • Give us infos about your level, which mode you prefer (Basic/Battle/Guardian), how's your W/L (Win/Lose), maybe who's your married couple Razz, with whom you mostly play ingame/Who's your mate, if you prefer to play with full gold or if you've no problems with AP and so on.
    As I said, it's your stage. Post so much and post about whatever you want, but try to convince us. Effect isn't a normal or good Club, it's a very good running Club and community. Don't worry about your mode, we've player out of Battle and Basic, and we are all able to bash the Guardians. At the moment we don't have a W/L limit. As long as you don't have 20/200 stats you shouldn't mind to try it.

  • We are looking forward to get active players into Effect. In our forum you'll find several threads where you can post your offline periods, if that's not the case we expect at least that you'll be active in our forum and for sure that we can see you 2-3 times in the week.
    Inactive players will be sorted out, as long as they haven't give us an information for their absence.

2.) Introduce yourself!:

  • For sure we've no limits here. We have very young player - Unikat, 13 - and very old player - Lobotron, 37 -, as long as you aren't childish or if you've no problems to come in touch with the modern wonders of chat-language (lol, xD, afk, brb)... it's the right place for you ^^ -> 0-99, we don't mind. Your personality is important.

  • To have a familiar atmosphere it would be nice to know your real name.

  • Give us a view about your non-FT related hobbys, your nationality, your favourite football team or whatever comes to your mind.

  • -> Introducing yourself is just a bonus. A bonus for us to know you better and a bonus for you because better applications will have a higher chance to get accepted.


We won't allow couple applications! (Yin and Yang want to join!)
Even if Yin and Yang belong together, do it by yourself, we'd like get to know your partner too.
For sure we will include it into our decision making. If we can't accept both of you, probably it's better to reject both, unless it's no problem to be in Effect without your mate. -> Every player must write his own application

Let us know why you want to join Effect, why we should pick you out and why Effect would be a better Club with you.
So far, Good luck!

"Why an effect member read hard rock forum? It means that you are scared of us."

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