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Post  AlaFox on Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:02 pm

I'm Mariano and I come from Italy. I have 19 years old and when i have a spare time i like play to Fantasy tennis. I'm Searching a work and i'm trying get a car. I like watch anime/films and frequent the gym. My best character is Odino and I'm a basic player but sometimes i like play battle too. I can play front,side or back but my Long Slice aren't very good.Currently i'm in Nebula but in this club there aren't many activitiy members. For this fact i will change club and i will try join in effect Very Happy

PS. i never insult people only occasionally i sayd nub but i take this word only for joke i'm never serious when i sayd it.


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Re: hallo!!

Post   on Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:22 pm

Hello Odino. I'm Tabu and we had some really good games in the last weeks.
Anyway your relationship to ppl like Gremlin or especially Hohol seems not helpful to join Effect. Imo you should have also reacted when your stupid friend says "stupid nub" and so on, as a kind of mate.

Who are you? Account sharing guy? 2. account? My best friend ingame aka MOZILLA's partner?
You are lacking with informations, about your skill... I think u deserve something better than HOHOL. You know how to control an AL ^^

Gl and pls come around with some more infos.

"Why an effect member read hard rock forum? It means that you are scared of us."

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