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Post  Ivo :) on Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:47 pm

Hi all i wanted to do presentation of myself
My name is ivo,and i am 13 years old, I live in bulgaria,city called dimitrovgrad
In my free time i like to play basketball,mettin friends,and
sometimes to play football (well im kinda bad at football)
I like to watch movies which are funny are exciting atm im watchin
Prison Break.
In game i am UnIkAt (Niki) and DesertSoul (lucy) these 2 chars are my mains
I am back and side player,i would consider me as offensive player (okay sometimes kinda deffensive)
Full front noob (just rely to my lob set).In the past i was playin only 1v1 basic i was rlly good i think
I stopped to play because there are few decent 1v1 games.

for all which dont know how im lookin here is the photo ^^

well that is all more or less about me ft/life history
greetings uni ~

Ivo :)

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Re: Unikat

Post   on Thu Apr 22, 2010 11:04 pm

I would add that he's the funny spammer during the CM-finals, asking for matches while 95% are fighting and cheerleading to defend the castle. He also likes to hide his shyness with harsh comments and somehow he's also involved into the sex-affair of french nationalteam. I remember that he got some hot details of prostitutes, he even told me what's the price of bulgarian bitches. 2€! So people, what do you prefer? 25€ Paysafecard for Fantasy Tennis or 12 1/2 blowjobs in bulgaria? He also likes to surprise the people with his fast movements in chat. "I want to play", 10 minutes later "bb have to go", again 10 minutes later "hello". I've seen his girlfriend in msn, I guess this truly hot girl doesn't know about his real love. AP! He's abusing every chance to get some AP or even gold, usually his tactic is like this: 1-2 minutes small-talk, then a straight question like: "Well, do you need your gold?", and et voila. He's a rich man. His fangirl (fanboy? prolly yes) is Sexiiibitch, seems as she's obsessed of Ivo. But at the end, he's a very good guy and it's nice to have u here Uni Wink

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