Battle Double VERSUS Tournament

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Battle Double VERSUS Tournament

Post  ViCeN on Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:46 pm

This exciting battle is going to take place on Tuesday, May 4th starting at 6pm CEST.

To take part you need a partner of course. Only ONE of the both of you sends a ticket to the Versus Department of the alaplaya Support Suite containing the following information:

* Subject: FT Double Battle
* Your and your partner's ingame name
* Your and your partner's level

Application is possible until Saturday, May 1st 11:59 PM CEST. Any ticket lacking the required information or coming in too late will not be considered at all.

Tournament Settings:

* Map: Arena
* Duration per Round: 3 matches
* Skill Shot disabled
* Quick Slot disabled


1. 3 Gacha Coins Taekwondo Set + 50 Shiny Power Earrings
2. 2 Gacha Coins Taekwondo Set + 50 Power Earrings
3. 1 Gacha Coin Taekwondo Set + 1 Start Coin Large

Good Luck and have fun!



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Re: Battle Double VERSUS Tournament

Post  ladypink on Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:47 pm

if someone needs a mate, i'll be there Smile
p.s.: i'm str dex player.

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