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Post  AtomSmasher on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:38 pm

Ok, here i am to explain this famous post, made by someone who really want to destroy my/our reputation and wanted to make damage.
I don't know the point of all this, well, yes i know, to hate effect is a strong feeling, but not healthy at all.

Let's set clear some things:
Even if i would hate somebody in this game I wouldn't try to destroy him, unless he was dangerous for FT. I love this game, played fairly, with equality for everybody following the rules and codes of conduct. It can be funny to have some fights flame wars and so on. But this maybe passed the line with a lot of screens taken our of context or simply incomplete.

Nobody can destroy Effect because we are a family and even if FT got dissappeared we would follow playing another game, WoW, age of empires, Chess online, whatever. We even got our beloved forum destroyed, and? here we are to meet you. For a few people's sadness and I hope for the majority's joy.
If you want to destroy my GM status is ok, i let that decission to my bosses, they and all the users I try to help every day know that I give my best for the game that I love: FT. You can ask me whatever you need to know and I will help you, if you are effect or if you are out of Effect. I am the same Gm for everybody, a GM who takes care about FT. If I got fired from GM status is ok, there are still a lot of people who fight for FT like ViCeN and so on. And they give their best: reporting bugs to dev staff, asking for give another chance to usual players who got banned, fighting to put the Hell Blood stuff in your correct chars etcetcetc. If I stop being GM, honestly it would be your loss.

If you want my account banned forever and ever, also a fail. I spent a lot of euros here, and? I would rebuild another account with half of my monthly incomes. Unless crisis hits hard the company where I work in real life. It would be a pity, but I take this things easy. A question of philosophy.

Anyway, as I said, I am gonna defend my ass, not for Austria, Imtheboss, Raoulthebest or some of those brainless haters. Just to give you another view of all these facts. I hope this won't become too boring.

xXAustriaXx wrote:i found this in alaplaya Shocked

Hi all,

Well during the last few weeks, a lot of people were talking about hacks and bans. And I am sure that what Alaplaya did was right, regardless whom got banned because we all sure that the players who got banned have done for a reason or another an illegal behavior.

But if we wanna talk about following the alaplaya terms for hacking any player who is performing any kind of hack inside the game, then I guess half of the players inside the game must be banned. I am sure also that alaplaya is looking for profits inside the game thats why players hacking dragon items have been banned, of course in order to sell their AP items which is of course their right.

Till now i did not talk about the real topic that was just an introduction for my topic, so now we all agree that all hackers ( whatever is the kind of hack) must be banned.So talking about effect club and their legal and illegal methods in winning the castle, which is in turn another method of hacking, taking in our consideration that the master of that club is one of the game masters and one of alaplaya staff member. so lets getting start:

1-Myth: some clubs were accused of using 2nd clubs to get free wins in club-match which is may be true.
Truth: Effect was using the same way in order to get free wins and get back their castle.

2-Myth:ALL clubs playing versus effect are cheaters.
Truth: Effect is the biggest cheating club in FT and i am sure that being a gm ( as the master of this club) will facilitate every thing.

3-Myth: Atomosmasher is a decent and fair game master.
Truth: Atomsmasher will do any thing for his club regardless being a game master.

4-Myth: One of member of Effect( Tabula) mentioned that 2 fair players have been banned before few days.
Truth: The players who got banned were actually a TRUE hackers and well known for that specially (stat hack) and dragon items ( recently).

5-Myth: Atomsmasher never hacks before.
Truth: He is using fake characters in order to play with hackers( of course he is undercover with nub characters) the name of that character was LastWish and of course the hacker whom played with was ( Syn).Of course he is playing these guardian hacks to discover ( according to what he claimed) other hackers which is totally illegal even if u have that good intention.

6-Any way its well knows for every one that atom and syn got a lot of business together, so i hope u wont deny that too atom

The two players in the screenshot got permanent banned thats true, however its illlegal Atom to use such a cheap tactic to play with them as friends and then Ban them as a game master.....

Atomsmasher, i guess its not legal also to login from other people accounts in order to spy on their clubs or whatever u were doing ( saying hi to other people from others people account is totally prohibited).

Another thing is logging in other players accounts in their forums to spy on the competitive clubs is also unacceptable,(like what the player lonboy did using other players accounts). i don't know how they call themselves a fair club !!!!
Well now there is no one supervising what this game master is doing or what ?? is Alaplaya now became so weak to control this GM ?? I dont think any game master must use his authorities to perform any illegal actions in the game for the sake of his club ...


I still wonder how did you dare to do this alone and who were your supporters xD
In the next lines, unless I dont give specific player's names, if I mention a club, don't feel the whole club involved...but take alook around you.

1- Here I will start with the 2 only times that we made shit at CM:
-Some players from Effect played naked and let armada win some matches. Caelum were damaged because armadaesp reached finals. You can remember some screens, and yes, they let some free wins, lets add that Caelum also collected a lot of free wins with 2nd club that edition. If someone can say the opposite, I invite them to say it here.
-We played 1 game vs NarutoFans (lvl 1 naked niki and lunlun), recorded and uploaded on youtube. Nobody asked who are these NarutoFans?
Ok, let me tell you. They were two players from Revolution, who were going to play finals vs Effect. They got 0-24 that day...0-1 vs Effect and 0-"a lot" vs armada, our rival in 1st phase, at the end, we won that 1st phase (thaks to those 2 points?) and we also won these NarutoFans with their main chars at finals, in our 1st CM victory, and their last CM as Revolution.
Btw, yesterday I heard that we played 1 match vs a club called Beside (naked chars with 0-13). History repeating?

These are the 2 black points by us at CM's. Judge by yourself with the whole history of secndary clubs by: Revolution, armada, Caelum, Expedition, SoulB, Nebula, Rock4Ever and on and on and on. Please guys, let's stop this shit. You are just fooling yourselves.

armadaesp admitted their cheats and some of them and the clubmaster got banned. Now they play fair, some kicks, allright, but fair with this.
Nebula yesterday farmed as hell, and probably Blaz1 will get banned as the brain of this crappy operation. I am not blaming the whole club, neither the chef, who I am sure he didnt know anything about this, but remember, to cheat with 2nd clubs you need to be 4 persons or at least 4 PCs.

Effect doesn't support by any way fraud at CM. If you see something weird about our members, dont hesitate (as I know you don't) to report.

2- I already spoke a bit about some clubs who cheated CM with 2nd clubs and what were our evil isolated actions. Ah I forgot the screens, could you put the whole conversation? After some posts everybody here agreed to not cheat at all. There are a lot of former members who know it: Tobse, FromB, Safe, Cucala, Danyyyyy, nitrox08, ammazzatti....feel free to ask them. Maybe some of them remember that post, and for sure all they should remember which were our spirit.
Incomplete and out of context screens.

3- Unfortunately, a lot of players got seduced to get some HB stuff just by throwing 4 or 5 spider traps. They are banned, like a lot of users here and there for that. They are also pretty fair players and usual FT players and AP costumers (not everybody gets their AP in a fair way, isn't it?). I guess a lot of these banned users regret now of this. If you know serry, SoyP, Garzy, Levii, and many others you know which kind of players/persons they are. Ah btw, they are still banned even if they are Effect members. As I said, equality.
The fact that I am Gm doesn't give any advantage to any effect member. I remember that i received a ticket reporting kaiser5 and Soulja for insults, I banned them both with the same days. Afterwards kaiser5 replied blaming: "Gm mafia blabla". In the other hand, Soulja accepted the punishment. It's too easy to talk without any knowledge... and moreover, then take a look on o0Sunshine0o, Master of Game Masters, he was at armada (he left when they cheated), at DarkJewel and at Caelum. It didnt suposse any advantage for them at all.
We are here to help FT, not to take greedy profit. Moreover, how?

4- I can't see any reaction by me at that thread.

5- The fact that a GM take another account to discover a hack abusing is not allowed? Where did you take that rule? "these guardians"? I just played once, enough to see the panorama. In the other hand, you can ask Mariah. She really apologized, like many others and I made the possible, giving some tips to recover her acc back via ticket. Maybe you think that I can ban unban with a simple click, and that is not our "modus operandi". GMs are first to prevent bad actions, and afterwards to report crap + to punish proved facts. We are not Dirty Harry.

6- a lot of deals with syn? hehe, ok actually I don't know which are his FT accounts currently. I have him at MSN and he reports me when a hack is working and who is spreading those hacks. He is a cool guy (at least with me), altough he is an unstoppable hack factory.
My last conversation with him was about he got scammed by a guy who sold him an account and then the seller banned his own account, after taking the gold. He metioned something like a guy called Horgemexyz, any clue? Well, I don't know which account it is, because guess that both have a lot of accs for their risky business.

7- About this point, just lol. Yes I registered as karlen at Caelum forums, he is also from the same city like me, so i thought IP could confuse, but I just posted a "hi". That project were failed =))) In the end we got some help from another user and we could take a look about the whole intern forum, as they made with ours. What's the problem? is it prohibited? SHUT THE FUCK UP, HORGEMEIYER, you have already registered 6 accounts here (is tim770 also yours in game or you just took this random name to fool us?).

Well, feel free to ask whatever you want about all this.
As I said some fights might be funny, but a war "without prisoners" wouldn't be good for a lot of people, trust me.
It's funny to hear about Soul hack* by Raoul, who farmed zillions of charming points like many others via exploit and let's forget his Expedition club story. Or a lot of AP frauds, well know and vox populi. Do avoid those practices for the health of FT.

*let me do autoquote from a Battle guide that I made in our intern zone:
AtomSmasher wrote:
Luck: if caster gets the 95% of the crystals and cast them correctly (with wiler covering) he can cast quite much more magics than the other team. This way, he will have more chances to get good items --> more chance to be lucky. Otherwise, if wiler gets/steals oftenly crystals his luck will decrease for sure.
Just learn to play battle doubles, and don't dare to tell those jealousy supossitions. We have won double battle at CM finals since last summer, was it because soulhack? Then we are really stupid, because we mostly enchated our rackets with fire.
I guess that invented theory is the reason because you run like chicken from our rooms...sure.

As Effect clubmaster and Alaplaya Game Master I pray for a FT without hacks, cheats, frauds, exploits and if it is possible without idiots.
Now, as ealways, it is in our (all of us FT comunity) hands.

As Gm I am always able to help you.
As Effect we promise fairness and fair fight at every room, could you do the same?


Myths and Truths Atom

Myths and Truths Pow10

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Myths and Truths Empty Re: Myths and Truths

Post  Hill on Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:48 am



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Myths and Truths Empty Re: Myths and Truths

Post  pedrin on Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:16 pm

bah, u didnt add some pics so that the kiddies that must reat this cant say " omg too much text without draws! unreadable!" Mad

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Myths and Truths Empty Re: Myths and Truths

Post  magicdevil on Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:11 pm

good posting. but honestly: this soap opera is just senseless and it isn't worth the hassle.

AtomSmasher wrote:7- About this point, just lol. Yes I registered as karlen at Caelum forums, he is also from the same city like me, so i thought IP could confuse, but I just posted a "hi". That project were failed =))) In the end we got some help from another user and we could take a look about the whole intern forum, as they made with ours. What's the problem? is it prohibited?
ok well, this myth is true. now i don't have to die clueless. lol!

AtomSmasher wrote:As Effect clubmaster and Alaplaya Game Master I pray for a FT without hacks, cheats, frauds, exploits...
As long as alaplaya won't be able to offer a game with a good price-performance ratio we can pray endless... But who knows... maybe a miracle will happen someday!

AtomSmasher wrote:...and if it is possible without idiots.
if idiots could fly, our world would be an airport. so forget it... you always will find idiots and everywhere... but there is an easy solution called "ignorance". stay cool. people always will think what they want if they aren't ready to open their minds. the most important thing is that you know you're right. fuck off the rest.

people can destroy your forum, your reputation for some other people or what ever but they never reach what you constitute. it's just untouchable and you know it atom.

have a nice week!

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Myths and Truths Empty Re: Myths and Truths

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