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Post  Alastaire61 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:00 pm


I'm BlackAdder, some may know me ingame, and many others not. Due personal issues I have stopped playing Fantasy Tennis. I'm now busy with my studies and other things so I decided to sell my account. I know it's neither easy to do so nor right, maybe, but I prefere someone having it that tearing it appart. There are there 3 lvls 60 full ap and full armor/weapon enchant with many sets and powerful rakets. The names of the chars are BlackAdder, Multicentrum and LastRites, (many others but lower lvls).

I've changed my e-mail, if you want a full detailed pics of all the stuff in there just add me in msn or whatever. my msn is mausiam@hotmail.com

see ya and thnkyou Wink


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