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Trial Zone

Post   on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:12 pm

Hello people,
I guess the majority is curious what's the "Trial Zone" we are often speaking about.

Trial Zone means that we would like to test our candidates 1 month. And what's the best possibility to test them?
Definitely if they show us how they work in a club like Effect. Testgames seems easier but well, you can't test the personality in just 4-5 testgames. We will keep on testing ppl for sure, but sometimes we've still doubts in some points. Therefore we have this feature, and at the moment it works very fine.

Our candidates won't have access to read in several intern forum-zones but they can play at least for 1 month with our logo Razz, they can read + post in our Clubmatch-Zone, they've an own zone called "Trial" and for sure they can convince us ingame.
In their own zone they can inform us if they've to be absent for some days, if they've problems with several member, if they need a mate and we also try to include them into our "daily businesses". For example our former candidate naruto made us a very nice banner for 2vs2 Battle Challenge. That's what I meant with including them into our daily businesses.

If you convince us from the start we don't need to wait 1 month, but it's a guide line. Remember that u won almost nothing if u passed the way to be a trial candidat. We will discuss about you and if u like to be an Effect Member then you should better convince us. Lazy trial candidates will be immediately sorted out.

I hope it gave you a little insight into our Trial Zone.

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