Re-apply Alexsandra :P

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Re-apply Alexsandra :P

Post  Alexsandra on Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:43 am

Hi all! Razz Maybe somebody already know me, I've applyed for Effect 1 or 2 moths ago dunno >< but I want to try again to enter effect Razz (I'm facking better than the last time °_° )

My name is Michela I'm 20 years old and I live in rome and the 20th of Sempter I'll start to work as a postwoman (funny huh? Very Happy)

My fav style of music pop elettro pop and dance Very Happy In one word Gaga Smile
My fav film is Freaky Friday a film of Lindsay Lohan
fav. meal: I don't have favourite meal Smile
other things I like: I like my friends, fantasy tennis and funny people Very Happy
things I don't like: Unhappy and unpleasant people huhu
about me and my real life I spent my time on ft and with my lil son *-*.. and I'm a noob housewife T_T

In ft my main and only pg is Alexsandra level 55 lucy str dex (98str 60dex)
I usually play double basic and battle single Smile In double basic I play side, front and back Very Happy
I hope you enjoyed my apply Wink


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Re: Re-apply Alexsandra :P

Post  LovaX on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:25 pm


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