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Post  Levii on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:24 pm

many of you have noticed that things in Effect were and are changing. Now let's give these things an overview.
during the last weeks Atom decided to quit his work as alaplaya GM due to several reasons.

also he decided to leave FT as an active player completely which is a great pity considering what he's done not only for Effect but also for the FT community. nd not that the loss of Atom is enough - pedrin, tabu, serry and pretty much soy have left the game too.

So Effect is experiencing many changes and we have to face many challenges considering our steadiness and maybe also image.
Happily we were able to welcome new great talents, players and members into our community like ike, xSaber, Flashlady, DianeSimmons and some others who are going thru the trial period rite now nd who will become members soon hopefully.

Since Atom decided to leave, the club thought it'd be a good thing to fill the master's position and to choose new subs.
I hope all of you know that we should appreciate Atom's work as master. From being available for all members to trying to push FT as a GM altho alaplaya didnt seem to appreciate his effort for the game very much. Also Tabu, pedrin nd the rest who left deserve a big THANKS for all they've done - might it be forum works, bringing in new ideas for the club or training new members.

A short overview over our new master nd subs:

Master: Discobitch (aka Levii)
Subs: Desolacion, Scialone, ike04

Im sure we'll be doing a fine job. Deso did a lot of "underground" jobs for Effect which was a lot of work for sure. He simply deserves to be sub. Scialone as our oldie Smile happily he found the time to play FT again so we could put him back as sub. And finally ike04, one of our "freshmen" in Effect. We decided to give him substatus simply because he's doing a great job in Effect.

that's it for the moment.


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Post  senszatiion on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:57 pm

I think now its time for me to post here again :

Fisrt of all this is a sad message.
In my eyes Tabu, Soy, Atom & Pedrin were a big Part of FT.
Okay i can say that i dont like Tabu in the Past, but i think he was a really good skilled Player, were a lot of People could learn from. Also i wanted to apologize here my behaviour of the past against you pedrin & Tabu.
I allready asked some people of you if you are online sometimes, but they say no. Now i understand why.
I dont wanted to apolagize in the Forum, but i think its the only way to contact you.
I hope you Guys accept my apolagize, even if you stop playing FT.

BTW : Congartulation Levii. I think you done a lot for this Club.
Also for Desco - Scialone my Basic Teacher Twisted Evil and ike.
I think you Guys make a Good choice by choose these Guys.

All in all i think Effect start a new small generation and i wish you Good Luck in the Furture.
So Tabu Soy Atom pedrin have Fun in youre furture.

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