EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

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EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

Post  EliminatorZ on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:14 pm

Hello. I have said, in the other topic, that one people in your club have said to me noob.
Now i have accept his sorry and now i want join with a new chance Effect. (Sorry for all)

About me :

Hello. My real name is Emanuele.I live in Germany. I am italian too. Im 14 Years old and my Hobbys are: Play FT, Play Football, Play Piano, Kikboxing, Play Guitar and Play Tennis in real. Im nice and help other, if they need help. I am in a M-Class and i hope, my Job will Computer sciene.

In Fantasy Tennis:

I have more than 20 Chars (with other account). I have trained with all Chars and i have decide, i make my main char with all the experience
i have get with the Chars. I play always Fantasy Tennis. My Game Name is EliminatorZ and I am level 22 (200 exp and lvl up). I was in a lot of clubs. Example Execution (now its dissolved), Protection, TeamPlayerz, DarkLegends (dissolved), Teamplayerz (dissolved) and SoulBrother (current club). I was i more clubs, but there are for my not importand.

All summarized:
EliminatorZ (NIKI), level 24, Skill: STR/DEX

What i know about Effect:

Effect is a very nice club. I have take of the person who said to me noob accept his sorry. Yes
all members are great and beautiful.

All summarized:
I hope i can join Effect, becouse there are a lot of nice players. They helped me a lot.

MFG EliminatorZ (Emanuele)

(Sorry for my english im german)

But please dont forget my apply Smile
In the other topic, u think u have forget to answere Smile


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Re: EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

Post  ViCeN on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:19 pm

2 days ago:

Levii wrote:Sry for letting u wait. To be honest we forgot to giv u our answer ^^'
Well, now that u dun want to join anymore, never mind (answer would've been rejected Rolling Eyes )

Nd lol. Dun take the one who called u nub too serious, no one is born a master :p

at the moment this have not changed, sry, you are rejected. Anyway nice aplication ^^

see you! ~


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Re: EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

Post  SoyPaleta on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:31 pm

And why you wanna try it here again? Easy
As Vicen said, and after this...rejected again.

See you

Edit: bah, f**k, I seemed a bit angry but I'm not, althougt you're rejected, you're welcome in our forum, of course. Cya Wink

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Re: EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

Post  Camali on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:35 pm

lol word for word the same application ^^

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Re: EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

Post  Levii on Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:42 pm

Other's hav done it already. I jus played sum single games against him. Not enough. Rejected, ya. But thx for ur effort


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Re: EliminatorZ want Join Effect!

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